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The Firm

The Firm

Maney, McConville, Liccardi & Powis, P.C. is a medium size firm serving the Capital Region of New York and the Hudson Valley. We are devoted to providing our clients with professional legal guidance for their personal and professional needs.

Our firm was founded in 1978 and its members have served as former Judges, Town Attorneys, law professors, Assistant District Attorneys and Public Defenders and the firm's practice is as diverse as it members. Since we are a medium-sized firm, each client matter is personally guided by one of our partners and/or of counsel staff.

Our strategic partner alliances include consulting and coordinating with other business entities and professionals such as State and local governmental agencies to ensure that we are actively involved with all aspects of our client's needs in the most cost-efficient and timesaving manner possible.

Ours services include:

Our mission is to provide exceptional legal services to all of our clients!

Strategic Partners

We serve as startegic partners to our business clients to ensure their long-term success.
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